Six Month Free Insurance with Chery Sandton for Chery Tiggo 4, 7 or 8 Models




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These rules apply for the duration of the campaign only:
The policy is flat-rated and the underwriting requirements are waived.

Dealer Finance & Insurance manager will provide you with the information pertaining to the policy as well as any advice you require on the policy.

No premium is payable by you.

Premiums are payable in advance by the Dealer.

Excess applicable is R 5 000 (five thousand rand) per claim. Excluding windscreens which will be 20% of the claim with a minimum of R350 (three hundred and fifty rand). Payable by you.

The Motor vehicle will be comprehensively insured during the first 6-months of the finance period.

No amendments/endorsements can be processed on the policy as the policy covers a single financed vehicle for the 6-month term.

For any enquiries relating to the insurance policy, you can contact the Underwriting Team at AIC on the following e-mail address:

An AIC representative will, on the 5th month of the free insurance life span of the policy, make contact with you to offer a continuation of cover on a debit order basis. The policy will be rated based on the risk details provided by you.

Should you decide on alternate insurance, you are required to provide proof of insurance and the policy cover will come to an end and AVAF will be notified. While the vehicle is under a finance agreement it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is comprehensively insured to avoid any financial risk.

This cover will terminate if the vehicle is repossessed, sold to another person within the first 6 months or if for whatever reason Absa Vehicle and Asset Finance (AVAF) terminates the finance agreement between you and them.


Purchase one of the following vehicles: Chery Tiggo 4, 7 or 8 Models from Chery Sandton, situated at 168 Grayston Dr, Sandton, Johannesburg. This offer is available only if finance is done through Chery Sandton.
Must have finance approval from AVAF with a valid agreement in place.
Must have a valid driver’s license.



This offer is valid from the 19th of May 2022 and it expires on the 30th of November 2022 and applicable to new customers only.


Absa Insurance Company Limited, an insurer licensed to conduct non-life insurance business and an Authorised
Financial Services Provider (FSP 8030). Registration number 1992/001737/06. Terms and conditions apply