In the dynamic world of automobiles, engine performance stands as a cornerstone around which manufacturers design their latest models. It’s a multifaceted component that doesn’t just dictate the speed and acceleration of a vehicle, but also influences factors as diverse as fuel economy, emissions, longevity, and even the vehicle’s handling and ride comfort. As environmental concerns mount and fuel costs fluctuate, the modern car buyer is increasingly seeking a blend of power and efficiency, demanding vehicles that don’t just perform, but do so responsibly and economically.

Enter the Tiggo 4 Pro, a compelling embodiment of this modern paradigm. This vehicle isn’t just another entrant in the SUV segment; it’s a statement on what the contemporary driving experience should be. Crafted by Chery, the Tiggo 4 Pro is engineered to deliver robust performance even at low speeds, while promising unrestrained power at high velocities. What’s remarkable is that this power delivery doesn’t come at the cost of fuel efficiency. Instead, the Tiggo 4 Pro boasts of an engine and transmission system designed for optimal fuel usage, ensuring that drivers aren’t just enjoying the ride, but also making a prudent choice for their wallets and the environment.

In this exploration, we’re going to delve deep into what makes the Tiggo 4 Pro tick. We’ll dissect the specifications that make its engines — the 1.5 VVT and the 1.5T CVT — stand out in a crowded market. Beyond mere numbers, we’ll discuss how these engines, with their respective power and torque outputs, translate to a tangible on-road performance, marked by seamless power delivery, high transmission efficiency, and swift shift responses. So, whether you’re a car enthusiast hungry for technical details or a potential buyer looking for your next efficient yet powerful ride, this discussion is poised to rev up your interest.


The Essence of High Performance in Tiggo 4 Pro

High-performance engines are a category unto themselves, distinguished not just by raw power but by a constellation of attributes that deliver a superior driving experience. Such engines are characterised by their responsiveness, agility, power-to-weight ratio, efficiency, and, crucially, their reliability under a variety of operating conditions. They’re engineered to provide more horsepower and torque, but without sacrificing fuel economy or durability. It’s this delicate balance — this symphony of engineering finesse — that defines a “high-performance” engine.

The Tiggo 4 Pro doesn’t merely pay lip service to the term “high performance”; it embodies it in the most tangible ways. Starting with its commendable power at low speeds, the vehicle ensures a responsive and robust drive, crucial during city commutes filled with stop-and-go traffic, challenging inclines, or when manoeuvring through tight spaces where instantaneous torque plays a pivotal role in the vehicle’s agility. But the prowess of the Tiggo 4 Pro isn’t confined to low-speed scenarios. The SUV sings on the open road, delivering continuous power at high speeds, a testament to an engine that doesn’t wheeze or falter as the needle climbs. This sustained performance is crucial for overtaking, high-speed cruising, and maintaining consistent speed on highways, ensuring not just performance but safety as well.

At the heart of this performance is the vehicle’s naturally aspirated engine — a marvel of durability and reliability. Unlike their turbocharged counterparts, naturally aspirated engines avoid the additional complexity of turbo components, which can translate to a longer lifespan and less maintenance, ideal for drivers who value peace of mind alongside performance. But there’s more to these engines than just durability. They play a pivotal role in fuel efficiency, too. By eschewing the turbocharger, these powertrains provide a more linear power output and avoid the turbo lag that can often lead to unnecessary fuel consumption during acceleration. This ensures that the Tiggo 4 Pro isn’t just a performer on the road, but an economical option at the pump, offering drivers the thrill of high performance without the traditional accompanying sting of high fuel costs.


Delving into the 1.5 VVT Engine (Urban & Comfort models)

The 1.5 VVT engine, standard in the Tiggo 4 Pro’s Urban and Comfort models, is an engineering feat in its own right. Standing for Variable Valve Timing, the VVT technology is integral to this engine’s operations, optimising performance and efficiency at all engine speeds. 


The specifications speak for themselves:

Power output: The engine boasts a commendable 83kW, a measurement indicating the engine’s overall capacity to perform work over time. In practical terms, this translates to an ability to deliver robust performance, particularly impressive for an engine of this size.

Torque: With 138 Nm of torque, the 1.5 VVT doesn’t just make the car move, it allows it to thrive under a variety of conditions, providing that essential pulling power that drivers appreciate, especially during acceleration or when driving uphill.


The benefits of the 1.5 VVT engine extend well beyond its specifications, contributing tangibly to the driving experience:


Fuel efficiency: VVT technology shines in its ability to improve the fuel efficiency of the engine. By altering the valve timings, it ensures that the engine uses only the necessary amount of fuel, reducing wastage and increasing miles per gallon, a critical consideration in today’s eco-conscious society.

Driving ease: This engine isn’t just about raw performance; it’s about refined, smooth performance. Its responsiveness and power delivery make driving effortless, more so in urban settings characterised by frequent stops, starts, and the need for agile manoeuvring.

Direct power output: The 1.5 VVT engine is renowned for its direct power output, providing drivers with immediate response and palpable power directly on the pedal. This feature makes for an engaging driving experience, putting the driver in complete control.


This engine finds its niche in a variety of use cases:


Urban commuting: Its size, fuel efficiency, and responsiveness make it ideal for city driving, negotiating traffic, and ensuring performance when needed.

Long, scenic drives: The engine’s steady power delivery and fuel efficiency make it suitable for longer journeys, providing the perfect balance between performance and economy.

Family usage: Its reliability and ease of driving make it an excellent choice for family-oriented usage, where safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are paramount.

First-time drivers: The 1.5 VVT’s manageable power and smooth driving dynamics make it an excellent option for new drivers, striking a balance between control and performance.


Exploring the 1.5T CVT Engine (Elite model)


The Elite model of the Tiggo 4 Pro takes performance to the next level with the inclusion of the 1.5T CVT engine, where “T” stands for turbocharged, and “CVT” stands for Continuously Variable Transmission. This sophisticated powertrain has been engineered not just to meet but to exceed expectations with its impressive specifications:


Power output: At 108kW, this engine steps up the game in terms of raw power, offering a significant increase compared to its naturally aspirated counterparts. This heightened power output translates to quicker accelerations, an ability to maintain higher speeds more effortlessly, and an overall more dynamic driving capability.

Torque: The engine’s torque figures are just as compelling at 210 Nm. This increased torque means the vehicle responds and accelerates more effectively under load, important not just for everyday driving but crucial in situations that require quick manoeuvring or steep incline driving.


The 1.5T CVT doesn’t just bring more power and torque to the table; it enhances the entire driving experience, especially in the Elite model:


Higher transmission efficiency: The CVT, unlike traditional automatic transmissions, doesn’t shift gears but instead varies the engine’s working point to optimise power delivery. This leads to smoother acceleration and improved fuel efficiency, as the engine maintains its optimal operating point more consistently.

Faster shift response: Though the CVT doesn’t have traditional “gears,” it responds more quickly to the driver’s power demands. This characteristic is particularly noticeable during overtaking or sudden acceleration, where the vehicle responds almost instantaneously.

Enhanced driving experience: Combining the turbocharged engine with the CVT results in a driving experience that’s not just powerful but also incredibly refined. The engine’s power is more accessible across a wide range of speeds, and the lack of perceptible “gear shifts” makes for smoother, more linear acceleration.


The 1.5T CVT engine showcases its strengths in various scenarios:


Highway driving: Its quick acceleration and power reserves make the 1.5T CVT engine perfect for highway drives, enabling easy overtaking and steady high-speed cruising.

Hilly terrains: The high torque output comes into play on challenging terrains, providing the necessary power without straining the engine.

Sporty, spirited driving: Drivers seeking a more engaged driving experience will appreciate the immediate response and continuous power delivery, especially in situations demanding quick acceleration and high performance.

Long-distance travels: The combination of power and efficiency ensures that long drives are comfortable, less tiring, and more economical, thanks to consistent fuel-efficient performance.


Comparative Analysis


When deciding between the Tiggo 4 Pro’s 1.5 VVT and 1.5T CVT engines, prospective buyers are weighing the merits of two highly capable powertrains. Here, we’ll compare these engines in critical aspects:


Performance: The 1.5 VVT shines in its simplicity and reliability, offering a straightforward, naturally aspirated approach to power delivery, making it a great option for drivers who want consistent, predictable performance. The 1.5T CVT, with its turbocharging, steps up the performance significantly, providing a more spirited drive with higher power and torque, ideal for those who crave a dynamic driving experience.

Efficiency: Both engines feature technology aimed at enhancing fuel efficiency, but they approach it differently. The 1.5 VVT utilises Variable Valve Timing to optimise engine performance, enhancing fuel efficiency particularly at low-to-mid RPM ranges typical of city driving. The 1.5T CVT, on the other hand, leverages its Continuously Variable Transmission to keep the engine operating at an ideal efficiency point across various driving conditions, potentially offering better fuel economy during highway travel or varied terrain driving.

Use-case scenarios: The 1.5 VVT is perfectly suited for city commutes, daily errands, and consistent low-to-mid range speed driving, where its fuel efficiency and reliability are most beneficial. The 1.5T CVT is versatile, excelling in scenarios that require rapid acceleration, high-speed cruising, or variable terrain navigation, thanks to its power reserves and responsive transmission.


Each engine contributes uniquely to the Tiggo 4 Pro’s driving experience. The 1.5 VVT offers a practical, no-nonsense drive, ensuring comfort and reliability, making it a stress-free companion for everyday use. The 1.5T CVT, with its enhanced power and seamless transmission shifts, offers a more exhilarating, responsive drive, appealing to those who take pleasure in a vehicle’s performance characteristics and enjoy a more hands-on driving approach.


The choice between these engines allows for a significant degree of customisation in the driving experience, playing a crucial role in driver satisfaction. For the pragmatic driver who values reliability, simplicity, and consistent performance, the 1.5 VVT would be the engine of choice. In contrast, the 1.5T CVT caters to the driver who desires additional power, responsiveness, and a sportier, more engaging drive. Ultimately, the correct choice depends on the individual’s driving style, typical driving conditions, and personal preference in the balance between performance and efficiency. This flexibility in engine options ensures that a broad range of drivers can find their needs and preferences met in the Tiggo 4 Pro lineup.



The Tiggo 4 Pro sets a high bar in its class through its versatile engine offerings: the dependable 1.5 VVT and the robust 1.5T CVT, both exemplifying a remarkable blend of power and fuel efficiency tailored to diverse driving needs. This vehicle not only promises reliability and performance but also stands out in its segment, offering a driving experience that merits firsthand exploration. Whether you’re a potential buyer or a car aficionado, the dynamic nature and technological prowess of the Tiggo 4 Pro’s engines are worth your attention.