The Tiggo 4 Pro LiT, priced from an accessible R279,900, represents an exceptional value proposition in the automotive market. This model serves as an inviting gateway into the Chery family, offering consumers an opportunity to experience the brand’s acclaimed offerings at a more affordable price point. Despite its modest cost, the Tiggo 4 Pro LiT doesn’t compromise on driving experience, assuring that it maintains the high standards of performance and comfort synonymous with the Chery brand. This combination of affordability and quality makes the Tiggo 4 Pro LiT an attractive option for those seeking a rewarding driving experience without the hefty price tag.

Design and Identity

The Tiggo 4 Pro LiT boasts a distinctive design, exemplified by its galaxy-themed front grille, which adds a touch of cosmic elegance to its facade. Complementing this are the colour-coded and electrically adjustable side mirrors, along with practical roof rails, enhancing both its aesthetic and functional appeal. Despite its accessible price point, this model remains true to Chery’s design ethos, showcasing the brand’s commitment to maintaining its unique identity. These design elements reflect Chery’s dedication to offering visually appealing and feature-rich vehicles at a price that is within reach for a broader range of consumers.


Interior Features

The interior of the Tiggo 4 Pro LiT is a harmonious blend of practicality and comfort. It features fabric-covered seats that provide a comfortable ride, complemented by manual seat adjustment for personalised seating positions. The steering wheel, crafted from injection-moulded plastic, adds a functional yet stylish touch to the cabin. This practical interior design ensures that comfort and usability are prioritised, offering a pleasant in-car experience.

Accentuating the interior’s appeal is the impressive 10.25-inch infotainment screen, which boasts functionalities like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This modern touch screen enhances the driving experience by offering seamless connectivity and entertainment options, making every journey enjoyable and connected.


Safety Features

The Tiggo 4 Pro LiT prioritises safety with an array of features designed for passenger protection and vehicle control. It is fitted with dual front airbags, offering crucial frontal impact protection. The inclusion of ISOFIX anchors ensures secure child seat installation, while traction and stability control systems enhance driving safety under various conditions. Hill assist aids in navigating steep inclines, and rear parking sensors provide essential assistance during reverse manoeuvres.

Complementing these safety measures, the Tiggo 4 Pro LiT includes a tyre pressure monitoring system, ensuring tyres are maintained at optimal pressure for safety and efficiency. The vehicle also features keyless access with a Start/Stop button, combining convenience with modern security technology, adding an extra layer of safety and ease of use.


Availability and Service

The Tiggo 4 Pro LiT is readily available at Chery Sandton and Chery Northclliff, ensuring that prospective buyers can easily access this model. To further enhance its appeal, Chery offers an attractive 3-year/30,000 km service plan, providing owners with peace of mind regarding maintenance. Additionally, the vehicle comes with an exceptional 1 million/10-year kilometre engine warranty, underscoring Chery’s confidence in the reliability and longevity of their product. This combination of immediate availability and comprehensive service and warranty plans makes the Tiggo 4 Pro LiT an even more enticing option for consumers.



Chery’s launch of the Tiggo 4 Pro LiT exemplifies the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and accessibility. This model encapsulates Chery’s ethos of providing high-quality, innovative vehicles at affordable prices. The Tiggo 4 Pro LiT invites consumers to explore a world where top-notch automotive engineering and budget-friendly pricing coexist seamlessly. Chery extends a warm invitation to potential buyers to discover the unique blend of value and quality that defines their range, marking a significant step in making premium automotive experiences accessible to a broader audience. Book A Test Drive Now!