Chery, a dynamic player in the South African automotive market, has been steadily climbing the ranks in terms of sales, despite the overall market facing a downturn. This consistent sales growth is not just a testament to the brand’s resilience but also reflects its deep understanding of the market’s needs and preferences. Chery’s ability to maintain an upward trajectory in such challenging economic conditions underscores their effective marketing strategies and the appeal of their vehicle lineup to South African consumers, showcasing the brand’s adaptability and strong customer appeal in a fluctuating market.


Chery’s Strong Sales Performance

Chery’s sales figures in November and their overall performance throughout the year have been remarkable, showcasing a significant year-to-date growth. This robust increase in sales is a strong indicator of the brand’s burgeoning presence in South Africa’s passenger vehicle market.

Moreover, Chery’s impressive ranking in this sector reflects its successful market strategy and consumer appeal. This performance underscores Chery’s growing influence in the automotive industry, positioning them as a key contender in the competitive South African market.


Global Success and Local Strategy

Chery’s global sales performance, a testament to its strong international presence, is effectively mirrored in its strategic approach within the South African market. This global success is instrumental in shaping the company’s local strategies, leading to a significant impact on the South African automotive landscape.

The introduction of new models like the Tiggo Pro 7 MAX and the upgraded Tiggo 8 Pro has been pivotal in bolstering Chery’s sales in South Africa. These models embody the successful adaptation of Chery’s global strategies to meet local market demands, contributing significantly to their growing prominence in the region.


Innovations and Value Proposition

Chery’s new and upgraded models stand out for their innovative features, aligning with the brand’s commitment to high specifications and value. These models incorporate advanced technologies, ensuring that customers receive top-tier features at competitive prices. This emphasis on innovation is a key part of Chery’s market strategy.

Moreover, Chery enhances its value proposition through robust warranties, reinforcing customer trust and satisfaction. Their approach to balancing high-quality offerings with affordability positions them as a compelling choice for consumers seeking value-for-money in the automotive market.


Customer Satisfaction and Recognition

The recognition of Chery’s Tiggo 8 Pro as the People’s Choice in a notable automotive competition highlights the brand’s strong customer satisfaction levels. This accolade reflects the model’s popularity and consumer appeal, bolstering Chery’s reputation in the automotive industry. Additionally, Chery’s nomination for customer service awards underscores its commitment to delivering outstanding service. These recognitions are a testament to the brand’s focus on providing exceptional customer experiences and further solidify its position in the market.



Chery’s growth strategy in South Africa, characterised by strong sales, innovative models, and customer-centric services, positions it for significant impact in the automotive market. Their approach, blending global strategies with local insights, is set to shape the future of the South African automotive landscape, particularly in the NEV sector.